From the first day of rehearsals to the night of the Ceremonies – 

Sam Hunter & Julia Whittle:

Backstage stories from the biggest shows on earth. 

"When you are doing what I call ‘Fedex Productions’ - the big ones that, 'absolutely, positively have to get there’, the answer is easy… you just call Jules and Sam. They make the incredible difficulty and stress of show running and stage management simply melt away and their confidence can inspire a whole team. 


Consummate professionals with endless patience, kindness and far better jokes over comms at 3am than mine - when they sense a massive crew of exhausted, sleep deprived humans just needs a little lift and a laugh.


Succinctly, they are - best of breed… in fact, best in show."

Ian Stewart


Done+Dusted Inc

“The management of the SM team was exemplary and disciplined, but never let it be said there was no humour in the stadiums!”

Julie Brooks

Executive Producer

Ceremonies and Large Scale Events

“Their energy and humour makes working alongside them a joy.”

Catherine Ugwu

Director & Executive Producer, Betty Productions

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