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for 2023

Julia is calling

Music of the Spheres
tour all over the world!

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Sam and Julia are thrilled to have been part of this epic event!


Columbia University NYC Olympic Masterclasses, 2023

Live and via linkup, Sam & Julia spent 3 glorious days at Columbia University. Thank you Fred Hanson, and the wonderful Stage Management Students of 2023

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UAE 51st
National Day Celebration

Delighted to be back in UAE for our 6th National Day!  Orange Jackets once again provided the SM Team for the spectacular 51st ND celebration.

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Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022

Sam and Julia are enormously proud to have been part of the team that delivered the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this summer.
Video by D+D)

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Bond in Concert gala at the Royal Albert Hall

Orange Jackets provided the Show Caller, Stage Management and Script Writer for this one-off spectacular!

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Orange Jackets continues to provide world-class Show Callers and Stage Management Teams for live events and virtual shows.

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Orange Jackets Masterclasses are back in person!

From their hugely popular "Behind the Scenes at the Olympics" talk to lectures on the skills required to Show Call and schedule for live events and theatre, Sam & Julia can host fully interactive seminars and webinars for as many students as you require.


Email for more details. 

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Participating colleges include:

We’ve also been talking to schools online and in person.

See here

Amreican Heart



"The “International Events” masterclass that Sam Hunter and Julia Whittle created for the MFA Stage Managers at Columbia University was a major highlight of our academic year!   Our students gained so much from them. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the Orange Jackets to create exciting, relevant, and fun coursework for our students”!

Michael J Passaro

Associate Professor of Professional Practice

Head of Stage Management


"There is a quote about teaching that goes something like, 'A teacher affects eternity; one can never tell where their influence stops.' 

The effect Sam and Julia had on our BFA Stage Managers is immeasurable. They inspired them, they challenged them, they laughed with them, and left them filled with joyful exuberance. I couldn't have asked for more from a series of master classes."

Rachel R. Bush

Associate Instructional Professor Stage Management

AEA SM Program Head, BFA Stage Management

university of houston.png

"Sam and Julia brought so much joy and positivity to our zoom computer screens! The students not only learned a lot, but enjoyed themselves immensely. This team was a joy to work with in terms of setting up the sessions and figuring out details. If you are looking for a unique experience for your stage management students, I would highly, highly recommend Sam and Julia! It was truly incredible."

Cynthia Kocher

- Chair of Stage Management

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

University of Illinois.png

“These masterclasses were absolutely fantastic. Not only were Sam and Julia incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, but they were delightful and friendly. The conversations they had with my students about the breadth of their work was not only beneficial to my class but for me as well. These two have clearly gotten these masterclasses down to a science, and I’m glad I had them do all three – I feel as though we’d have missed out had we only done one or two. This was a wonderful opportunity for my class and I am very happy to have had a chance to have been a part of it”.

Dave Smith

- MFA Instructor of Design; Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lethbridge, Canada

lethbridge canada.png

"For me, it was a student's dream. The most memorable moment for me was the chance to "call" the first 5 or so minutes of the Opening Ceremony sequence under Julia and Sam's careful attention. It was definitely one of the coolest moments for me as a student during my entire course of study, and I felt a thrill calling such a huge ceremony in the safety of the classroom. With their gentle guidance, I began to better understand the nuances of such a large event. Personally, it was a huge confidence booster!"

SM Student

Cal Arts


"If you are looking to keep your students motivated and spend quality time with these fantastic people then book this class now. Not only did they motivate my students, but also me.  Seeing people who share the same ideals as you, who back up what you have been saying to your students and do it all through laughter and professional integrity, is fantastic. My only complaint is that we could not do it in person".

Chris Zaccardi

- Professor of Stage Management

PACE University

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