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"The entire audience for our Olympic Newton Forum on Monday was gripped by our speakers Sam Hunter and Julia Whittle as they described their pivotal roles in bringing the most impressive ceremonies on earth to our screens.


Nearly three-quarters of the earth’s total population watched

the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, but only our audience got to hear the backstage stories behind the vast vision and spectacle of the ceremonies: 15,000 volunteers, 12,000 athletes and THAT helicopter drop-in by the ‘Queen’, described as ‘The Scene Change of the Century’ by Sam and Julia.


“Listening to the countdown to the opening while also hearing Julia’s incredibly calm voice teeing up all the moving parts was absolutely extraordinary,” said one parent as they left the auditorium. “Both my son and myself were super impressed with yesterday's talk,” said another parent in an email the next day, “We found it extremely interesting and it really helped us understand all the work behind an event like London 2012 opening ceremony – amazing to get such a privileged glimpse into what really goes on!"

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Susannah Frieze 


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